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SoCal Code Camp LA @ USC November 9/10

2013 SoCal Code Camp - LA @ USC - Nov. 9-10

Please note that this is a companion site to www.socalcodecamp.com for LA-specific information. 

Important!  All registration, submission of sessions, and RSVP activities are handled at www.socalcodecamp.com.

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Sponsor Groups

Buena Park - 1st Wednesday - monthly

Pasadena 1st Tuesday - monthly


LA Mid-Wilishire - 1st Mon - monthly


Additional User Group Sponsors will be added as we get cross-links from their sites. 



2013 Raffle Prizes and Giveaways
Thank you to our generous raffle prize sponsors for their prize offerings for our SoCal CodeCamp. If your company would be interested in supporting the Sunday afternoon raffle with additional raffle prize offerings, please contact James Lin at Raffle-Coordinator@lacodecamp.com. Thank you!
CompanyPrizeQuantityListPriceTotalSorted By Total In Descending OrderURL
WebucatorOne voucher per attendee good for use with any eLearning Course (CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, Mobile Web, SharePoint, SQL, and more)600150.090,000http://www.webucator.com/self-paced-courses
O'ReillyOne free eBook on Oreilly.com per attendee60030.018,000http://www.oreilly.com/
CODEOne Year Free Subscription to CODE Magazine60029.9917,994http://www.codemag.com/subscribe/SOCACC13
SyncfusionSyncfusion product31,995.05,985http://www.syncfusion.com/resources/techportal/ebooks?utm_medium=codecamp_socal
CODECODE Magazine Current Issue6005.953,570http://www.code-magazine.com
ComponentOneUltimate or ActiveReports or Spread.NET11,595.01,595http://www.componentone.com
Reliam3 Month Developer Cloud Subscription 11,350.01,350http://www.reliam.com/
PDSAPDSA Haystack Code Generator License (includes one full year product support/maintenance)1799.0799http://www.codehaystack.com
Oak Leaf EnterprisesMM.NET Application Framework for VS 20121699.0699https://www.oakleafsd.com/index4_NET.htm
Oak Leaf EnterprisesiOS 7 Next Steps 3-Day Online Training Class1695.0695https://www.oakleafsd.com/index4_NET.htm
LogicNP SoftwareCryptoLicensing For .Net1399.0399http://www.ssware.com
LogicNP SoftwareCryptoObfuscator For .Net1399.0399http://www.ssware.com
PDSAPDSA .NET Training Videos480.0320http://www.pdsavideos.com
Code School6 Month Subscription to Code School2150.0300http://www.codeschool.com/
LogicNP SoftwareShell MegaPack.Net1299.0299http://www.ssware.com/
LogicNP SoftwareHyper Build1299.0299http://www.ssware.com
Code School3 Month Subscription to Code School275.0150http://www.codeschool.com/
ApressOne free eBook on Apress.com341.99125.97http://www.apress.com
2013 Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring our event and supporting our local developer community?  Please see our Sponsorship FAQ page for several options.

Financial - Platinum Sponsor

syncfusion logo

Financial - Gold Sponsor

Financial - Silver Sponsors

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syncfusion logo

Facilities Sponsor 


Steering Committee
Art VillaSoCal .NET / LA C#Event Organizer, lacodecamp.com webmaster
Janet ChungSoCal .NET/ LA C#Financial Sponsor, Geek Dinner/Sunday Lunch Organizer, Facilities Coordinator
CJ WangLA C#Raffle Coordinator
Mike VincentSoCal Team SystemSession Scheduler
Hattan ShoboshkiAllSoCalCodeCamp.com Webmaster
Ben DornisAll groupsWeb/Tech Coordinator
Raffle Sponsors

Interested in sponsoring our event and supporting our local developer community?  Please see our Sponsorship FAQ page for several options.

We are extremely grateful to our raffle prize sponsors who make our Sunday Afternoon raffle drawings exciting and fun-filled.

Webucator Self-Paced TrainingO'Reilly     CODE Magazine 

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